Even a Cesspool & Septic Service Company Needs to Talk

What do I mean by that title? What I mean is something as blue-collar as a cesspool and septic tank service company needs to have excellent Communication as let’s say, and accounting firm.

I know you think you’re out of my mind. What does a company that pulls crap out of cesspools and septic tanks have to do with communication?

Also, how could I even compare the type of company with an accounting firm? I used Cesspool Service Long Island (www.cesspoolservicelongisland.org) as my example company for this article.

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Developing a Winning Mentality – Part 2

Hi Everyone! This is Ted. If you have not read Part 1 of this series, please do that first so you can really get the full benefit from this article.

One of the most common tragedies in life is that all of us at a particular point will have to struggle with something. How you will handle the situation is a different scenario altogether as it will determine how stronger you are against the situation. While one person may allow the struggle to overpower him, bringing that feeling of discomfort, there must be a way of stopping the fight: a winning mentality.

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Developing a Winning Mentality

One of the most desirable and “it” attitude almost exclusively synonymous with successful entrepreneurs and barrier-breakers all over the world is a winning mindset; they always endeavor to shoot for success notwithstanding any challenge they may face.

Apple Inc. Founder and legend Steve Jobs, for one, emphasized in his motivational speeches the need for a positive attitude in the workplace. The desire to win has always instilled lucky people to work towards breaking through societal ceiling even in situations that may deem impossible to many.

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