Air Conditioning Repair & Installation of a Ductless System on L.I.

When you think of air conditioning repair Long Island, you make think of an alternative to the traditional central duct-based cooling system that we are familiar with in the US. Is the ductless air conditioner. You’ve probably seen them around. Especially if you’ve done a lot of overseas travel where these units are the norm.

They work by taking the heat from the inside and moving it out, or vice versa in winter, they can warm up a room by finding any heat from outdoors and bringing it in. Ductless air conditioning in Long Island is gaining more and more popularity as we learn of the benefits over a central air conditioner.

But is it really better?


Initial cost

The cost of the initial installation of a ductless air conditioning system can be higher than that of traditional central duct-based options. Additionally, the number of HVAC technicians experienced in the proper installation of these units is much lower than the number qualified to deal with central air duct cooling systems. Meaning there is a risk of improper installation that would reduce energy efficiency if you cannot find someone qualified in ductless air conditioner installation in Long Island.

Aesthetic qualities

Although they can be placed wherever you choose. There is something about a white box on the wall that may take away from your otherwise flawlessly designed décor. For some, this is an issue. If you are looking to sell your home, a traditional system is practically invisible and will therefore add more value to your property.

Heating ability questionable

They work by pumping heat in from outside. As such in very cold weather (below 30 degrees) they will have limited heating capacity. So if your main reason for wanting to invest in an air conditioning/heating unit is for the heating aspect then you may want to think again before going ductless.


They are green

They allow us to control the temperature of our homes room by room as oppose to heating or cooling the whole place unnecessarily. They also reduce the amount of air lost to leakage when compared with central air duct systems. That means that they use the minimum amount of energy they need to.



Fast installation

Central air conditioners can be very disruptive and time-consuming to install. Sometimes taking a number of weeks to get up and running. In contrast the ductless alternative can be completed in just a day if you’re lucky.

Health benefits

Ducts come with added extras in the form of all of the things that grow inside them. For this reason, air duct cleaning in Long Island is a must for traditional central air conditioners. Otherwise all of those growing ‘things’, we then breathe in as they are released into our homes. Getting rid of the ducts eliminates this hazard.

They also do not use fuel for heating which is another small danger of other heating options.

Overall, both are great options for controlling the temperature of your home. Depending on whether you are looking for a system to primarily cool or heat, either could come out on top. If in doubt, there are many HVAC professionals in