Are You Listening to Me?

Effective communication is something that’s incredibly important in any type of relationship. Whether marital, friendships, acquaintances, coworkers, people at your church, synagogue etc. Effective communications is the means to give people what they want and for us to get what we want.

Listen To Me

Not to some what I just said may sound extremely selfish. Our human nature is in itself riddled with selfishness. It takes a lifetime of work to get rid of it, but is something we must deal with day by day.

One of the greatest things to we could ever realize is that everybody is not like us. What a relief!! If everybody was like me, I would probably be constantly in a fight!!! I do have a tendency to bit a bit over aggressive and over analytical. I don’t know if I could handle life if everyone on this planet was exactly like me. Now I think I’m pretty great and hot so I don’t have a self-esteem issue. Now I want to think about it if everybody was like you.

Now I know some of you amazing souls, are saying right now or at least thinking, “I wish everybody was like me!” In that manner this world would be a much greater place for whatever selfish reason that you may have. But wake up! We are in the real world and only about 20% of everybody that lives here on earth is like us. I know I read that somewhere, I just can’t remember at this time!

Now what do you do if only at the most 20% of the people you run into or just like you. Now that I’m thinking about it, that number maybe actually smaller. So that means that you will only see eye to eye  with less than 20% of the population. How can you ever succeed in anything if all you ever do is hang out with people who are like you

What reward is them that only love your brother when I say to love your enemy. Where have I heard that before? Some of you may realize I’m paraphrasing a scripture from the Bible. That Scripture is completely full of wisdom!

Is extremely easy to get along with everybody who is like you. The only problem with that is  you limit yourself to that group. Now that may be fine for some folks. But me myself, I just want to be able to relate to everyone. The reason for that is that where I can get most of my success from.

We are not successful by ourselves but our success partially comes from our interaction with everybody around us.

I do believe though that long lasting success needs to come from God himself. But more on that in another blog post.

Another form or another part of effective communication is to generally be interested in what some other person has to say or what they do even though naturally you may have no interest in it at all. See it is not about you or me, it’s about the other person you’re speaking or interacting with.

Also, don’t just hear a person but actually listen and very intently making eye contact. I know this can make some of you very uncomfortable. It is something that I’ve worked on and continue to work on.

You need to make a concerted effort that all of your dealings with people about them. When what a person does is more important than what you do; when you pay attention to every word they are saying as if you’re listening to the most exquisite poetry, then and only then will you start to become an effective communicator.



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