Even a Cesspool & Septic Service Company Needs to Talk

What do I mean by that title? What I mean is something as blue-collar as a cesspool and septic tank service company needs to have excellent Communication as let’s say, and accounting firm.

I know you think you’re out of my mind. What does a company that pulls crap out of cesspools and septic tanks have to do with communication?

Also, how could I even compare the type of company with an accounting firm? I used Cesspool Service Long Island (www.cesspoolservicelongisland.org) as my example company for this article.

In my previous article “Are you listening to me? “, I spoke about the importance of communication. It doesn’t make a difference what type of relationship, all relationships require communication.

I used familial, coworkers, neighbors, and other types of examples. But they all had one thing in common and that was to get your message across so that not only with the receiving side understood you, but would also accept the message you were communicating towards them.

When it comes to business, it appears that the white-collar types of businesses or larger and more prominent retail businesses understand the value of effective communications.

When you are dealing with small business, especially mom-and-pop operations, a lot of times, this extremely essential skill is missing.

Now, the reason  I wanted to pick a cesspool and septic service repair company for my example is because I wanted to present what I believe most perceive as the type of company with potentially the poorest communication skills.

Normally when you think of an employee that works for this type of company what comes to your mind? Now let’s be honest, there is no one around to judge you!


So what comes to your mind? A sluggard, Budweiser drinking, foul mouth, fat slob. You’re also wondering since you’re hiring a cesspool service company to clean the poop, will they give you the same back with their double talk and take all your money and flush it down the drain!

Cesspool Service Long Island understands this as I did some consulting work for them to improve their communication skills.Their goal was to dominate their marketplace which is mostly in Suffolk County NY

One of the biggest points I wanted to drive home to them was that communication is not only verbal, but also visual.

So how could we improve the visuals of a septic tank repair service company? The actually seems like a lost cause.

How can one really improve the perception of a company that works in human waste

That is actually not that difficult. I know you may be thinking that I am out of my mind! But if all septic and sewer service companies keep the bar low, how hard do you think it would take for one cesspool service to distinguish itself from another?

Let us start with first things first. The trucks needed to be cleaned and painted. They also required a professional logo. Luckily the trucks for Cesspool Service Long Island already had the logo. But their trucks were somewhat dirty and really needed a paint job.

The thing for me was convincing the owner that this was a necessary investment. What I told him, like I just mentioned above, was that he had to do what is competition is not willing to do.

Most owners of a cesspool and septic company are not willing to foot the cost to keep their equipment looking immaculate because they do not see a value to that.

Remember, perception is everything. When a customer sees an extremely clean truck and workers in clean uniforms when they arrive, that emits professionalism to that customer.

The next issue is what exactly is the customer looking for and what exactly is the cesspool company offering.

A. Does a septic tank or cesspool needs pumping or repair?

B. Does a sewer pipe need to be unclogged?

C. Maybe only Hydrojetting is just required.

Now I know a lot of you are saying “well that’s pretty obvious”. Find out what the customer wants and give it to them. You will be surprised as to how many septic and sewer service companies get this wrong.

One of the things we discussed was untangling the mountain of information that inundates the cesspool and sewer technician when they arrive.

They need to immediately ascertain what is exactly happening and to convey that to the customer in such a manner that there is a complete understanding on the customer’s part.

This is important. Do not attempt to babble them with BS. Determine what is wrong to what needs to be done to correct a problem, and develop what the cost will be and have it as close as humanly possible..

Now the owner of Cesspool Service Long Island, specifically told me that some problems are hidden.

Not an issue. This needs to be clearly conveyed to the client. Possible have this in your estimate form and have them sign it.

Also, spell out any minimum charges, if any and exactly what those minimums will cover. When the are any changes, do not continue and do the extra work. Immediately get a hold of the homeowner, business owner or representative  and immediately explain the new septic service costs.

Effective communication will in business will increase loyalty, referrals and repeat business.