Developing a Winning Mentality – Part 2

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One of the most common tragedies in life is that all of us at a particular point will have to struggle with something. How you will handle the situation is a different scenario altogether as it will determine how stronger you are against the situation. While one person may allow the struggle to overpower him, bringing that feeling of discomfort, there must be a way of stopping the fight: a winning mentality.

A winning mentality refers to that never-say-die attitude in you, that passion and drive that keep you moving and keep fighting irrespective of the direction the struggle is headed. To better understand the immense effect of a winning mentality, you can think of yourself as a bike and the bike’s gears as the mind. To keep winning, the gears must be excellently working. If they fail, the bike will utterly fail, meaning that the rider bows out of the race.

There’s a common philosophical quote that no one is granted a challenge that’s bigger than their abilities. It plainly explains the fact that despite a significant setback, you have the answer to that burning issue, the problem that’s eating you. To develop a winning attitude, you must be aware of the situation beforehand and learn the best ways to tackle it. Some of the most valuable tips to culture a winner’s attitude include the following.


Have a winner’s attitude

While not everyone is a winner, in reality, winning starts right from the mind. In fact, it is often said that while you are at the pitch, waiting to face your opponent, your greatest tool of killing his psychology is your confidence. Rugby is a sport played all over the world. Just recently, Argentina stunned everyone when they eliminated the “Big Boys” and went all the way to the semifinals.

When asked about their plan, their coach simply responded that there is “winner” in every of his players. It is often said that even though you know your competitor has an edge over you, it won’t harm staying positive as between a winner and a loser, no one can tell the difference. Remember that attitudes are contagious and can greatly impact on anybody around you. Therefore, surround yourself with winners and you will be a winner. That’s perhaps a winner’s attitude.


Focus on personal development

It is entirely true that while everyone has a worth, no one will help you express it to the world. With a personal development plan, you will be marketing yourself to the audience out there that you are not only a winner, but you are there by might and by right. Motivation doesn’t necessarily need to come out of another person’s mouth, but rather your own.

If you are constantly commanding yourself that you are a winner, then you are. Looking a challenge in a positive way is similar to nurturing your personal development. With a slogan, a song or even a motto, you will automatically climb through the ranks and eventually emerge a winner. Remember that you are the custodian of your happiness. Focus on personal development and you will be a winner.


Use the three C’s to your advantage

As a winner, competitiveness, confidence and composure are but every ingredient of your success. In fact, winning isn’t everything, wanting to win is. The sporting scene is full of strong individuals who won even in the presence of adversity. With goals, self-belief, and composure, even planning to enter the famous white house will be an easy task. Confidence comes with days of practice which then yield that much-needed composure when faced with adversity. You will have to learn the best way of using the C’s to your benefit so that you become a winner.


Have a working plan

The greatest risk a competitor faces, whether while on the training ground or the arena is his plan failing to materialize. While winning starts from the mind, you will not win if you don’t trust your plan. A plan includes days or months of practicing and executing its usefulness and doesn’t directly translate to winning in the actual race. Realistic goals and a working plan build confidence, offering that boost even when faced with a challenge.


Learn to adapt

Whereas life is full of challenges and given that everyone must one day suffer to win over the challenges, it is without a doubt that adaptability is a great asset. You won’t control everything that comes with the challenge. However, you can control all that you can while adapting to those that you can’t. A mindset that quickly switches to stop a growing challenge is a winner’s mind. The main point is to keep yourself composed and not to panic. Learning to adapt is, therefore, a great basis for developing a winner’s attitude.


Break down the race

A problem shared is a problem solved, a common saying today, is perhaps right when faced with a challenge. Looking at the problem as a collection of small problems and thereby subdividing them into small ones works a great deal into overcoming it. When you keep winning against the smaller ones, eventually you will win against the big one. Therefore, to win, you must be aware of how to divide the challenge into smaller ones.


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