Does He REALLY want Home Window Tinting?

My last blog post spoke about the merits and even the extreme need for effective communications. I recently dealt with a client of mine who owns a home window tinting business. The issue she had was the inability To effectively understand what her customer needed which led to low sales.

Sometimes we always believe we know what a customer wants. A lot of times we base our product and service on our own experiences. Now while that may definitely have some validity in the marketplace, like I said before in the previous blog post not everybody is like us.

So what are experiences or perceptions of what the market needs may be partially true, it’s not the entire truth.

Some of the issues that this window tinting business experienced started on the incoming phone call. When somebody is calling, they are looking for something in exchange for paying a price. There’s always a value perception that exist in a potential customer’s mind. your goal is not just a quote price but to attach a value over and above what the customer is looking for.

bad business communications

What this helps is to prevent the potential customer from just hanging up on you and then calling somebody else. It is also critical to build a relationship within the 60 seconds to two minutes that you may have with that potential customer.

The window tinting company also had some issues with their website. Any website is not just a place for glitzy graphics. It is your communication tool to the outside world to all of those potential customer’s who gets excited about your product or service and is willing to give you lots and lots of dollars for it.

For my particular client, Window Tinting Long Island, they were just displaying facts and figures, of what kind of window tint they were using that they offered car window tinting, home window tinting etc.

Facts don’t sell, stories do. And that was the HUGE thing they were missing from the website. Testimonials are so powerful, especially if refers to something personal. For example, “I ordered home window tinting because I previously had melanoma and I wanted my house to be a safe zone”..

Even without testimonials, you can make your site more engaging to the user. Give before and after shots for your service. If you have a product, have an animation that shows what problem it solves.

This is what I needed to explain to the owner not only is it good to explain the benefits of high quality residential window tinting, but is also important for them to explain the cost value.

Another thing is you have to anticipate any rejections that may take place.

Home window tinting is the perfect example. A lot of times people associate window tint with being dark. This is not true. But to the uneducated consumer, that question will come up. You must answer it on your website and that answer must be clear.

If you can do these things I have just mentioned a lot more of your inquiries, weather from the phone or visits to your website, will turn into sales

That’s what we all want. More sales with less effort. We want to over deliver so much that it results in repeat sales.


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