A Tree Service that Communicates With its Roots

Sebring Tree Service, a client of mine, was having trouble communicating it’s service to potential customers in the Highlands County Florida area.

Now you would say to yourself, OK this is only a tree service, this is not that difficult.

What I have learned, just because you think you know what you’re about doesn’t mean the customer has a very clear understanding what you are about and how you fit into solving their problems better than anyone else.

There are multiple tree removal services in Highlands County. Some of them are mom-and-pop operations while others are much larger tree service companies with a couple of dozen employees.

All of them at the same time are vying for the attention of the of the tree pruning service wanting population. They will do it either look for customers in person, through word of mouth, in business networking groups, through newspapers and other types of periodicals, and through the Internet.

The issue is in any type of business field, whether mold removal, roof repair, if you are the same like everybody else. For example, all Ford car dealerships sell the exact same thing. This is just like all tree services.  The more people cannot differentiate you or your tree trimming service from other tree pruning service companies in the same sector that you operate, the more you become a commodity.

Becoming a commodity is very dangerous especially for a tree removal company.

So one of the things I mentioned to the owner of Sebring Tree Service was the necessity to always be in contact with either the clients for their potential clients.

The first method I discussed was how to be in contact with potential clients is to always answer the phone. If you are not answering the phone then you are potentially losing a tree trimming customer.

People usually make decisions at the spur of the moment. They have not developed any loyalty to your tree pruning service as of yet. So it is of the utmost importance for any Highlands County tree company, not just Sebring Tree Service, is to never let a call go to voicemail. So pick up the darn phone and answer it!!

If you for some reason happened to mystical call back right away. I did an analysis of this Highlands County tree service company call log and I saw how many calls they were missing. I told the owner that he might as well put his money on fire. Literally open his wallet take everything out of it and put it on fire because that is what he was doing by not picking up the calls.

There is no excuse you can give for this massive error in judgment in losing a potential tree removal service client. As an owner, if you cannot handle the calls then you need to hire somebody to answer them.

There is too much competition in the tree cutting service industry to not take every opportunity to make more money from the calls that are coming into your telephone.

Now another issue the owner mentioned to me was when once he got the person on the phone they are just interested in asking about pricing.

I told him to never discuss pricing on the phone. He had to tell them that it is too complicated of a job and he would not do the customer justice by giving an inaccurate estimate over the phone that he will use his own time and gas for the customer’s benefit to go to their place of residence or if this is a business owner, to go to the place of business and to give an accurate tree trimming service cost estimate.

Now his objection to this was that people are going to price shop anyway. My answer to that is is that he needed to sell him and his company. He had a better chance to do that in person than over the phone.

This is when the rubber meets the road. The problem I’ve been having with the owner of Sebring Tree Service is about the prospect of improving his sales skills. Everyone is always going to take the easy way out and that is to compete on price. But if that’s all you ever do then you will never make the type of money that you were looking for.

I told him about becoming an ISA certified arborist. ISA stands for the International Society of Arboriculture. This can be used as a sales tool to convince people that you are more qualified than the others.

Also, he could do packaging of the other services he provides. One of those is that he is also a lawn service company. You see, he did not necessarily have to drop his price he just needed to put enough value into the cost of the tree removal service so the price would be justified and the clients eyes.

When you have a problem it is not best to succumb to it but to let your mind free and communicate effectively to your customer as to how your tree service will help solve their problems.


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