What is your Why and Super Size it!

What the heck am I referring to? What is your Why and Super Size. Why the heck would you want to know Ted, you may be asking yourself, or just plain yelling at this blog. Well your why is something that is very important.



Also, the reason I am thinking of the word Super Size is because I ate really bad hamburger yesterday. That thing stuck to my side like a bag of Rock Salt.

I know some of you want to know what kind of nasty burger was I eating? It was Hardees. I had fond memories of my family going over to a Hardee’s to get “the burger that is charcoal broiled”

I can say that is probably my last trip ever to that memory of my childhood which has now turned into then nightmare of my adult life.

That sandwich was totally nasty. The hamburger was like 2 old sponges with extra crispy gristle in the middle. After I ate it I just wanted to vomit it back it on the griddle so it could be re-used for someone else’s meal.

Anyway, I kind of went off on a tangent on my hamburger torment. Let us get back to our regularly scheduled program.

So like I was saying before, what I really meant by Super Size was in reference to something that should be a part of your life and that is your goals.

You need to have big goals. Do not listen to those people that say you should have realistic goals. Realistic goals are for sissies.

You need big and badass goals for your life that you will fight hard to achieve. Who gets excited about mediocre goals.

Let’s say you are single and you are looking for the love of your life. Are you going to tell him or her that you have mediocre goals? Most people want someone with a winning mentality.

I can just see this happening.  “Hey babe… will you spend the rest of your life with me? I have the most mediocre goals and I just want to coast in life”.

Wow!! what a winner!! You would obviously never want someone like that. So why would you ever want to be like something that you would never in a million years spend the rest of your life with.

Your goals are not big enough if no one is trying to talk you out of them.  Who tries to speak to someone about mediocre goals.

When you get big goals, you are then going to need big Why’s. Why? Because someone or some event is going to try to get you to retreat on your ass kicking goals.

Now, your Why cannot be about money. Money is usually not a strong enough motivator when times get really rough.

Believe me, they will get rough. Whether it is the issue that you may not have the money to continue your project, or people are telling you it is impossible.

Especially family. Sometimes, they can be the worst. They can start giving you advise under the guise that they are helping you.

That is why you need to seek  people who are were you want to be. Never seek help downwards or sideways, just upwards baby!!

You Why’s need to be so powerful that nothing will knock you off your block. No matter how much the strain is, you hold firm to make your goals a reality.

Always examine your goals and your Why’s. Always internalize them and meditate on them. If you can speak with them with your spouse and find someone who has big dreams and is pushing to make them a reality.

Get Big Goals and big Why’s and there will not be anyone or anything that will be able to stop you.


If you have any question on this post, get a hold of me here.