Welcome To Equinox Communications

Welcome to Equinox Communications. This is Ted. I truly hope I can give you some of my business wisdom and that we can grow together.

I have had various business throughout the years and it is really a joy when you control your own destiny. Now that being said, it can be a bit stressful when how you perform determines whether you eat or not.

Now I am not saying that this does not happen on your job. obviously, poor performance can get your ass kicked out of where you work. No doubt about that.

But when you control a business, things get a bit more complicated. You are directly responsible for your pay. A mistake shows up right away on your clients bottom line. Word travels faster than Austin Powers Lazer beam to the other owners that you screwed up.

Plus you then become responsible for your employees. Now depending how you treat them is how well you business will expand and survive.

I get a kick out of business owners that treat people that work for them as property. They make decision without even getting any kind of input from even very seasoned employees. They go around thumping their chests in management meetings how there greet ideas will change everything.

The saddest thing is that they change things or the sake of change. They say they are trying to improve something, but what are they trying to improve? The only way to improve something is to measure what are trying to improve. Then you can see if a new process will improve an existing one. Then you must measure to see whether your modified process actually produces an improvement.

What is really even more hilarious is watching them thump their chest with not proof that what was actually changed actually improved anything at all. This is what I call “Managing Up”

The Lack of Communication

A lack of communication is what causes the problems that I stated above. Management should get input from valued employees as to methods to improve processes. They often see things that management or business owners do not see.

It is important to drop our ego’s and to hear and listen intently. Reward employees who bring new ideas to the table. If you make it their business to help them seek rewards by letting tear your business and any process apart. They will feel as if they have a part in success of the business. And you know what? They do!!

Make it a habit of listening to your employees and customers. Understand what they are thinking. Not only will this help you keep your current customers, but it will help you get even more customers.

And remember the most important thing between the two is getting knew customers. Do not get a poverty mentality that causes you to coddle the clients that you do have.

Prospect … Prospect and the Prospect some more.

Use what you have learned in communicating with your current clients to go after and to get even more. This will lead to success you could only dream of.